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Video for charities. A few months ago I did some work with Joseph’s Goal which is a Wigan based charity which raises awareness and funds to find a cure for NKH (Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia) – a very rare and life limiting condition that affects children. Filming was in Joe’s home and featured conversations with Joe’s mum Emma and dad Paul in various combinations. Emma was first up for filming and presented in a very confident way. She had done a little bit in front of the camera for a piece about Joe for TV and had been told that she was a natural and she was for me too. Early on in the filming she took a lead and did it presentation style because that is what she was comfortable with. But after a little while I took a lead and nudged things over to more of a conversational style. From that point Emma and Paul moved from doing a great job……. to knocking the ball out of the park. The videos for Joseph’s Goal were a blend of information, communication, mutual support and don’t forget promotion. Fundraising is a very competitive arena and it is important to get the right messages to the right people, delivered in a powerful way and story telling is a fabulous way to do that. To be honest I am still learning about the conversational approach but what seems to happen is that when people move away from the unnatural (presentation style) to the natural (conversational style) – good things happen. Check out this example of video for charities featuring Emma and Paul with Joe talking about “Family Life”.


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