12 ways to use your videos in social media?

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I recently gave a presentation to Wigan Borough Business Club about using video in social media. The process of getting films made for your business or charity is one thing but when you have done that how can you use your video in social media? Well here are some ideas…….
1. Put your videos on your website – preferably have something on your home page and then other videos scattered round your site. Some videos can be relevant to different pages and of course visitors do not look at every page on your site – so the same video on two or more pages might make sense.
2. You Tube is seen as the second biggest search engine. People could find your video by directly searching for information on YT and you can do some signposting to your website from there or even provide phone numbers.
3. Facebook – you can now upload videos direct to Facebook or put direct links into your posts.
4. Vimeo – is an alternative hosting site for your videos – not as popular as You Tube but perhaps seen as a little more sophisticated/ classy. Nothing to stop you uploading your videos to both You Tube and Vimeo.
5. Upload video to other social media platforms – too many to mention. They are becoming increasingly video friendly and even if you cannot upload a film directly, you may be able to include a link to where it is hosted e.g. You Tube or a page on your website.
6. Twitter – it is very easy to feature videos on Twitter – at times I have Tweeted about 15 of my best films every week. I have a file with all the Tweets including the You Tube link to the video – and I just copy and paste each one straight into a Tweet.
#Video produced for #WiganBoroughBusinessClub – a great networking opportunity in #Wigan and Leigh https://youtu.be/pQCXMAIqmOo
– it’s as simple as that. Depending on the nature of the video you can adjust the # each time you Tweet so that you are touching different people.
7. Blogs – case studies can be built round a video about your charity or company, or a product or service that you offer.
8. Email templates – with this you include a clickable link in every email that you send out and it takes people straight to your video – perhaps set up a page on your website called Video of the Week and change it regularly so you are featuring a different video each week.
9. Mailshots/ Mailchimp – again probably best to have a clickable link straight to a specific page on your website which features a video or videos linked to the subject of the mailshot.
e.g. Click the following link…….
http://opendoormultimedia.com/video-newsletters/ to see what I am talking about and scroll down to see previous newsletters with more videos included.
Then there are a few other avenues – not strictly social media but still useful as part of your marketing approach.
10. Presentations/ Conferences – you can use your videos as part of your presentations and you can build them into Power Point presentations too, but that can be a bit fiddly and you might have to change the format of your video.
11. Face to face meetings where you show your films via your laptop or tablet to prospective customers/ contacts.
12. TV screens in your shop/ office/ factory window or your foyer are another good way to show your video material. Maybe £200 for a decent sized TV and built-in video player and then run your video/ videos on a loop.
And finally………
Don’t forget to recycle your video in social media. Social media is very fleeting – blink and you might miss it so there is no reason why you can’t show your videos more than once. You can put them out daily, weekly, monthly. Perhaps a video you did for a summer service can be rolled out again next summer. Accountants could put out a video in November linked to Tax Returns and then roll it out again in November, next year. So use your investment – get it to work for you.

Check out how we use video in social media via http://opendoormultimedia.com/social-media-video-and-photography-packages/
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