1966 and the power of the story

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Recently I have been listening to a series of podcasts called Rule the World by Paul Furlong of Opus Media on the Art and Power of Story Telling. Paul talks with guest speakers for half an hour or so and together they build an academic/ scientific foundation to explain why storytelling is so important to people and to businesses. A couple of weeks ago I listened to Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI who introduced the idea of the Emotionally Charged Connection. In simple terms people place a high value on why you do what you do – “the power of why!”. And if there is a brilliant reason for you doing what you do that’s even better. I have talked about it many times but a while ago I filmed a conversation with a Merseyside Surgeon, Mr. Peter Brownson of the Bone and Joint Centre. It was a very personal piece with a great story behind it. At that time I had already started thinking about the power of why and before filming I hoped Mr. Brownson would have a great tale to tell about why he became an orthopaedic surgeon – he did. There was an amazing Emotionally Charged Connection and it absolutely made the video.

When I heard the term Emotionally Charged Connection (EEC) it really struck a chord with me and got me thinking about a piece of my own business that I am working to promote – Lifestory Videos, sometimes called Family Legacy Videos. My first ever audio recording was with Bill Graham who introduced me to Salmon fishing in 1971. I did the recording about ten years ago when Bill was in his 80’s. He had always been a great story teller. At that time there was no ECC – it just seemed the right thing to do and I thought it would be good fun. My second recording was soon after and with my favourite Aunty – Rita Gordon, who grew up in Carlisle with my dad in a family of thirteen – loads of tin bath in front of the fire stuff. There was still no fully formed ECC but it was starting to develop.

Now jump back to 1966 and just a couple of days before the World Cup Final. My dad collapsed in the bathroom in the middle of the night. I did not hear him fall, but I did hear my mam run into the bathroom and say “Eeeh Albert”. I was 11 years old, scared and I stayed in bed. Now here comes my ECC. Those two words are the only two words I can hear my mam saying! Apart from that I have lost the sound of her voice. That is really sad for me and my memory of my dad’s voice is not much better.

I started doing audio recordings many years after both my dad and my mam died 20 years ago in the same week as Diana). There are photographs of them so remembering what they looked like is all fine but I do miss the voices. Both Bill and Rita also passed away many years ago and more recently my fishing pals Brian Smith and Richard Brown died too, but their families and I have got wonderful recorded conversations to remember them by.

The whole Emotionally Charged Connection thing happened for me when I realised just how important it is to still be able to listen to the voices and words of people you care about, long after they have gone.

“It’s too late when you’re gone” is not the ideal promotional strap-line but it just about covers everything, including not being able to hear my mother’s voice. So whether it is an audio recording or better still a video recording of a conversation with someone you care about, make it happen while you can and if you can’t do it yourself call me, I can help.

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