2018 – the video revolution and storytelling

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Last year a well established video production company in the USA was talking about how it had been anticipating the arrival of the video revolution for four years and it had not happened – yet…. At the same time I did a straw poll at a business networking meeting in Wigan. Around twenty small businesses were represented and a quick raising of hands showed that only two out of the twenty companies were using video on their websites or in social media. I was one of them and I had produced the films for the other guy. So no revolution as yet in Wigan. I don’t anticipate a revolution this year either, but I do expect a slow but steady increase in the use of video by small to medium sized companies – whether it be professionally produced, DIY or even live streaming. But what I do foresee is a big increase in storytelling as a tool for developing relationships within the business community. I saw a lot of Linked In activity based on storytelling in the closing months of 2017 and discussions about storytelling within business networking groups also started to happen. We all have stories to tell – both personal and business. Follow the link to read some of mine.

Tales from an unremarkable life

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