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I have spent the last 40 years in a relationship with cameras of various kinds – initially a Zenith E, followed by chunky Prakticas, then up market to the Olympus OM1, OM2 and eventually to the Lumix GH3 and no doubt I will move on from there at some point. Throughout those four decades I have enjoyed the work of other photographers on an ad hoc basis but I have never really familiarised myself with their work until recently. Things changed when we got a new telly just before Christmas, 2016 – a smart TV which means that you can watch You Tube straight from your sofa. Then by chance I stumbled upon Ted Forbes and his Art of Photography channel.

Art of Photography offers dozens if not hundreds of videos around 20 minutes long in which Ted introduces the work of famous photographers – some more well known such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Annie Leibovitz and others who are less famous – Harold Feinstein, Robert Frank, Richard Avedon, Eugene Smith.

The format of the films is pretty consistent with an intro., a look at the photographs, a chat about the life of the photographer and some context – how do they fit into the world of photography, what was his/ her contribution.

And once you see the work of other photographers it helps to give some context to your own work. So now when I look at my own pictures I see little influences from lots of photographers.

If you are interested in photography do yourself a favour – check out Ted Forbes, Art of Photography

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