Benchmark Plastic and Metal Services – a video production case study

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In 2015 I was asked to produce a promotional video for the company. The brief was keen to showcase the scale, range and production capacity of the factory and the huge investment in plant and machinery. This would help to differentiate Benchmark from the smaller companies which particularly characterise the moulded plastics industry.

It was fairly simple to pull together a storyboard because the design and manufacture of both the plastic and metal products is a linear process. And it was really exciting to get into the factory and see very complex items being made “before my very eyes”.

I was also asked if it would be possible to grab stills shots from the video footage for use on the website and in printed materials. It is possible to do it but it takes time and the image quality is not as good as the real thing. So I said I would double up and take the stills photographs at the same time as the video – all included in the same price – just a bit more gear for me to carry!

The project was delivered very quickly with a voice over done by me and the client was very with the end results. What’s not to like?

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