The best 20 seconds of my working life…….?

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A couple of weeks ago I walked through the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool – scene of the best 20 seconds of my working life. Round about 2007 I was a Social Services manager and we were doing a lot of work on arts participation for our client group – adults with a learning disability. There was a week long project at the Bluecoat and several people from our day centre were involved. They had a great time working on environments within the Bluecoat and there was a performance at the end of the week. We walked into different rooms where creative projects had been developing and with Enya-type music playing we gradually moved towards the staircase. The people we supported were well into it and really looking out for each other (not always the way it was). Just as the visitors got to the staircase people above started dropping coloured feathers which drifted down from the top of the stairs – that was wonderful in itself. But just as it started the sun came out and shone onto the stairs, providing beautiful backlighting to the feathers. It all lasted about 20 seconds before the sun went behind a cloud and the feather droppers ran out of feathers – unbeatable moments. So what about the best  20 seconds of your working life?

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