A broth pan, a poisoned leg and a new baby – a life story conversation

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A life story conversation. Round about 1932 my Grandma Jackson was living in Shaddongate in Carlisle with at least 10 children – the final total was 13. Times were hard but she was one for sharing what she had and often cooked big pans of broth for the family and some people nearby (presumably people who needed a bit of a lift). One day a neighbour asked to borrow Grandma’s broth pan. When she brought it back Grandma asked her to leave it in the kitchen. Later when Grandma went into the kitchen she caught her leg on the pan and cut it badly. The wound got infected and Grandma finished up in hospital for weeks and weeks. It was pre. NHS and I don’t know if antibiotics were widely available then. Anyway before Grandma got out of hospital her children were told that she had had another baby – so she went into hospital with an infected leg and came out weeks later with a new baby. I heard this story from my favourite Aunty Rita when I recorded a life story conversation with her in 2007. Even after 75 years you could hear in Rita’s voice just how totally p***ed off she was about the arrival of yet another screaming child into a tiny house that was already full to the rafters with kids. This was a very early life story conversation – one of the first I ever recorded using borrowed equipment and it was audio, not video. But looking back, from there it was just a small jump to video and to the launch of Open Door Multimedia in 2011. To find out more about life story conversations Click Here

I also recorded life story conversations with Bill Graham who introduced me to Salmon fishing. The first one I did with Bill was about Salmon fishing and the second one was about his working life on the railway.

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