Case study featuring Barry Polding of Top Car Detailing

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Earlier in the summer I produced two promotional videos for Barry Polding at Top Car Detailing in St.Helens. We started our businesses around the six years ago and met at St.Helens Chamber. Barry works on classic, prestige, high performance cars AND super cars – so Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche etc.. He specialises in paint correction, swirl removal and brings car paintwork up to an amazing mirror finish. The first project featured a brand new Range Rover Evoque, straight from the dealer. It was great working with Barry – he is very passionate and totally committed to his work. Detailing is what he does and his attention to detail is amazing. I did all the filming and editing and that included a voice over and running parallel I also took photographs to document the process. The second project featured a beautiful Ferrari GTO. I was on holiday when Barry worked on that vehicle which meant I could not film it, but I was very happy to offer an edit-only service plus the voice over again. Check out the video and if you need beautifully finished paintwork contact Barry. And if you need a beautifully finished promotional video contact me!

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