Celebrating success is a very big deal

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At the tail end of 1993 I was working in a Social Services Department near Liverpool and we got a new Director called Jeremy Ambache. Pretty quickly he introduced a new vision statement about learning from mistakes and celebrating success. I was a battle hardened local government manager and thought I had heard it all before……… Celebrating success – more P.C. psycho. babble? Er no!!!!! One way or another I gave it a bit of a run out and it had instant impact. Not necessarily on the whole service but certainly on individuals, though in time it did help the service. There was a lot of reluctance in some quarters to celebrate personal/ work success because some of us are miserable and even if we aren’t, we are British and blowing your own trumpet is not what we do. But gradually it did become part of the furniture in a really good way. During supervisions (Social Services speak at the time for 1:1 sessions) I would ask staff to talk about recent successes. If they could not think of any I would say “OK, let’s sit quietly until you can think of one”. That always did the trick. And here is the thing. I think it is impossible not to feel better about yourself and your contribution after celebrating success. Try it.

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