Dementia in Focus

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I am working on a project called “Dementia in Focus” and exploring the potential for using video in the care/ support of people with Dementia and their carers. When I say working on, what I mean is I am researching, talking to potential partners and building up a proposal which will eventually need funding. I am pretty confident that when the plan is developed the funding will follow because as a project it has a lot to offer:- A modern approach to a huge problem that will continue to grow for decades Digital in health and social care is very in at the moment Dementia is under the microscope at local, regional and national levels. It could be a low cost, one-off project with long term benefits and some built-in sustainability – what’s not to like? Pic. of fireplace? – well part of the project might be a photo/ video resource for reminiscence. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts if you work with people with Dementia – for a charity, CIC or action group or as a manager in social care, a health practitioner, a housing officer – initially within 40 miles of St.Helens in Merseyside. But even if you are further away, I am still very happy to talk. You can get me via or 07795 252797.

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