DIY Video on your smart phone – a quick tip

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People often use business pop-ups as a quick and easy way to introduce some branding to their own DIY films. I tend not to do that for a few of reasons. Firstly pop-ups can look straight and flat to the eye but cameras see them differently. They tend to sag and bend a little and you get irritating reflections. Secondly pop-ups are around 2 metres high and the name of the business or charity and the attractive artwork tends to be towards the top. So if you are filming someone who is seated you only get the pop-up bottom in shot which is usually the contact details. To avoid this you can get the featured person to stand up (awkward), you can use a high chair (I usually have one with me) or you can go into B&Q and buy a piece of doweling, maybe 4 feet long and use that instead of the metal tube you get with the pop-up. You might need to adjust the length to get the right height for your situation. For simple talking head projects I tend to film with the person against a plain wall and then I can add in a logo or some artwork during the edit. That way I can adjust the size and it is always straight and in the right place. To save time and get far better results you can send me your footage for a fast and cost effective edit-only service.

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