When the dog’s dinner becomes fit for human consumption

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It would be great to think that every video I work on is planned to the finest detail before I turn up on site. Occasionally it does happen, particularly if I am working with a PR or branding consultant. But many of my clients are very inexperienced first timers with video so the way forward has to be different. They provide a general idea of what they want, I advise prior to filming, there is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and on the day(s) of filming – well sometimes we have to busk it. I get the best out of the talent and from there I have to pull everything into shape

There are two points when my pulse speeds up and I get a buzz:-

The first is that low level panic state before I start the edit and build the jigsaw. Loads of material from two or three filming sessions, different people often with very similar messages – where do you start? Just like making a jigsaw some pieces jump out because they naturally fit together, or maybe you start with the edges first. Every project is different.

The second one is when the dog’s dinner becomes fit for human consumption. That’s the point when I know I have cracked it – when everything comes together and I know it is all going to work. Simples!

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