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I know what you’re thinking……… either the video guy has re-written German-born physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity or he’s made a typo. I know it should be E=MC² but Grade 8 in Physics O Level in 1971 means that I can’t go big on explanation of what it actually means. Grade 8, by the way is nearly as bad as it used to get. I reserved the Grade 9 for Chemistry…….

Anyway the reality is I just used a really cheap attention grabbing technique and if you are reading this – maybe it worked.

But forget the E=MC² stuff and let’s look at the other equation – well it includes an = sign. The Maths is a bit rusty too so not sure if that constitutes an equation.

?rel=0” is not like a fundamental law of Physics but it is quite important in presentation when it comes to promotional video. When you upload a film to You Tube you can then embed it on your website and it all works really well. But there can be a problem when your film finishes because all of a sudden you may get a screen offering maybe a dozen other films for your viewers to watch. If you already have a load of videos in your channel, some of the films offered could be yours – not too much of a problem. But others could be totally random, inappropriate or worse still they might belong to your competitors.

There is an easy solution and that is where ?rel=0” comes into play.

To pick up the embedding code from You Tube, scroll down below the film and go to Share, then Embed. The default setting is currently not to show related videos so if you go for that option and pick up the code you should be OK. That has not always been the case. So it is worth checking. Before you pick up the code, just click “Show More” below the embedding code and make sure that Show Related Videos is not ticked. Then you can add the code to your web page.

If you already have a film on your website and find that related videos do come up when it ends, you can replace the old code with the new one. The only problem with this is that it is possible for things to get messed up e.g. how big the video shows on your site.

To avoid that, use the existing code but add ?rel=0” as follows………

<iframe width=”1280″ height=”720″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Every You Tube video has its own 11 number/ letter identification code after embed/  -in this case YXOjEFAGfvA

Just add ?rel=0” straight after that – SORTED!

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