Emotionally Charged Connections

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I mentioned recently that I had been thinking about Dr. Ivan Misner’s concept of the Emotionally Charged Connection (he was the founder of BNI). An ECC is part of your back story and it helps businesses if the people in them can demonstrate that they have a powerful reason for doing what they do. I had stumbled across the concept without being able to give it a name but that title helped to clarify things. Anyway I had a meeting last week with a guy who runs quite a big web design/ internet marketing company and he had a brilliant ECC. By training he is a graphic designer who is totally colour blind. At school he was told he would not be able to work with computers or do anything linked to design. He proved everyone wrong and he now uses his experiences along the way to help his clients. Basically he had to learn how to deal with colour in his own particular way and maybe more importantly he had to learn how to get round the obstacles that educators, employers and society in general put in his way. In short, he turned what can been seen as a disability into a challenge and that created opportunities for difference and success. Nice one! And the sock picture? – just to show that in design, anything goes anyway ………

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