The end of the golf ball as we knew it….

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Are you old enough to remember the arrival of the word processor? For me it was around 1981 and I was working at West Lancs. District Council in Ormskirk. At a team meeting the Director told us about something he had seen the day before at an event or conference. I don’t remember the lead-in but he went on to say that you could correct typing mistakes and move whole sentences from one place to another, and of course change the size of the text and even the font – amazing! Obviously what he was describing was a word processor. Whether it was a rudimentary commercial computer or an Amstrad PCW is lost in history but that was the start of it. So why the photograph of a golf ball? Two reasons  – firstly it is a shameless way of attracting the attention of the Linked In golfers (lots of them I believe). And secondly? Well prior to word processors the state of the art typewriter was a golf ball typewriter. It weighed as much as a small child and made even more noise – it was a surprise that anyone in the office could get any work done when the typist (yes, the typist) was battering away with it. And why is the golf ball so yellow? – it is a really old one.

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