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Over the Christmas holidays I stumbled across a TV programme about Morecambe and Wise who apparently were both keen film makers and photographers. Who knows what drove their passion but at the heart of it all there was an interest in storytelling. All very simple and delivered to a technical standard that today looks incredibly amateurish. But it was obvious that they both enjoyed the process and the interaction between themselves, their cameras and their families and friends. And the most poignant comment for me came from Eric Morecambe’s daughter. She said that the family had access to a huge number of TV programmes but that was all about Morecambe and Wise, not about “dad”. Seeing those old family films (some of them for the first time) was a very moving and emotional experience for everyone featured and a great watch for fans of Eric and Ernie and anyone interested in family history. If you are interested in having your own family stories recorded on video I can help. Conversations with a single family member or perhaps a small group of family and friends – yes, that’s what I do.

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