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The holidays are pretty much over for most children. That will be a relief for a lot of people, but if you are a parent or grand parent sending them back to school or maybe packing them off for the very first time, here’s an idea……. Have you ever seen the series of photographs taken of the four sisters – every year for 40 years? If you haven’t, Click here  Or what about the family that took the same photograph for 22 years. Click here for the link to those photographs. How cool would it be to do that sort of thing! Go for a simple, clear background to get some consistency because you don’t know where you will be a few years from now. If you can’t commit to that try getting something that records the changes either over a period of a few years or maybe even a start of year and end of year shot of your child. And a final plea from the heart, start thinking about future proofing your family photographs. Recently I have been looking at prints from 1938 and earlier. Who knows where technology will take us in 10, 20 or 30 years. Will we be able to access JPEG forever? Just in case think about a photograph album. Genius!

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