Everybody wants to rule the world – The Art and Power of Storytelling

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Banging on again about story telling today and pointing you towards Paul Furlong of Opus Media’s podcast channel. Paul is passionate about storytelling and has recorded several conversations with big noises in the world of storytelling. I have just listened to his recent interview with Hem de Winter – journalist, editor and founder of De Winter PR. It is an excellent listen for anyone interested in storytelling and there is lots in there about WHY storytelling is so significant. Hem quotes a couple of disturbing statistics which link in nicely to my recent post about my best advice for young film and photography students. That advice was to learn how to talk to people by forcing yourself to talk to people! Stay safe but talk to lots of people, people you don’t know, people who are different to you – from different races, religions, places and walks of life – older people, people with disabilities, people next to you in a cafe, on a bus or a park bench. Hem’s stats are a bit of a worry ….. 65% of young people no longer feel confident in face to face interaction and 8 out of 10 young people feel more confident having a conversation via text.

Click here to listen to “Making your audience feel” featuring Hems de Winter


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