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Family legacy, reminiscence, lifestory videos. Your life story recorded on video now – because it’s too late when you’re dead………

Over Christmas I lost a great friend who I fished with for over 30 years. He wasn’t in brilliant health but his death was unexpected and all too soon. When she rang to tell me, his daughter thanked me for making an audio recording of a conversation with him 9 years ago. At that time I recorded several conversations – usually with older people who were mostly in their eighties. Several of them are not with us any more. Those conversations were under the banner of Present of a Lifetime, the forerunner to Open Door Multimedia.

By the time I got to the conversation with this friend the technical side of recording was pretty much sorted out. And as usual my “interviewing” (or chatting skill as I like to call it) was fine too – it always was right from the very first conversation. I took to it like a duck to water.

A couple of days ago I listened to his recording and in truth I was surprised at how long we talked for (nearly two hours) and the amount of detail that we covered. Fishing, shooting, family, working life were all included and in that order. At the time we were on a fishing holiday so maybe we can be forgiven if the priorities were not quite in the order that they might have been.

Until he died that recording was an interesting record, a good conversation piece for others but maybe not too much more. But with his passing it has become an absolutely priceless and treasured memory of the life of a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and for me – fishing friend. Maybe it would have been even more valuable if it had been a family legacy, reminiscence, lifestory video rather than done as an audio recording – but it is pointless to think about that now.

Marketing a family legacy, reminiscence, lifestory video is a bit of a challenge because as with Will Writing and Life Assurance the real benefit is not realised until after the person has passed away. “Buy one of these because your family will cherish it when you’re dead” is not the best sales tag line I ever heard. But from now I am going to stop apologising for what I do – in marketing terms, it is a wonderful offering. An audio or video life story recording is great fun to do but far more importantly it is a brilliant way to help your family remember you.  And maybe it could help them in some way to come to terms with your loss.

So if you or your family would like a family legacy, reminiscence, lifestory video under the “The Present of a Lifetime” heading, contact me and maybe do it sooner, rather than later because it’s too late when you are dead……….. – there’s cheerful! 🙂

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