Is ferreting part of your back story?

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I got into ferreting around 1977 which means I got into Daltons Auction Market in Botchergate, Carlisle where you could buy anything from a ferret to a bag of hens, a lawnmower to a pair of waders. It was always a good laugh watching the auctioneer’s assistant gingerly taking a ferret out of a cloth bag to show to the multitudes – dangerous work. I did my ferreting in the Cumbrian Fells and I went on my Honda 90 which for the uninformed was a very small scooter-type motor bike. Me up front with Sally my Cocker Spaniel in a bag round my neck (sadly no photographs), Mitch from Botcherby on the back with a big bag of nets on his knees, the ferrets in a wooden box and a spade for digging out on the back rack and on the way home the bag on Mitch’s knee would usually be full of rabbits. On the way there was a first gear hill from Aiketgate towards Croglin and the engine was screaming in first gear till we got onto a flat bit. One night on the way home in the dark and heavy fog we ploughed into a covey of partridges coming into Cumwhinton village. They bounced off the mirrors, the crash helmets, everywhere – it was the closest I ever got to a combat situation. Your backstory recorded on video? Ring Howard 07795 252797

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