Fun, fun, fun – Ashburton Prescribing in front of the camera

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Outtakes video for Ashburton Prescribing

Last year…….. so not too long ago I was delivering the message about promotional video that people really do have a good time when they go in front of the camera. So it was music to my ears when Sue Read and Lynne Garforth at Ashburton Prescribing asked about the possibility of an “outtakes” video taken from some filming I did with them recently. Initially I was not sure how much outtake material I would have because my normal focus is on the usable stuff. But it quickly became apparent that there was a lot of material on the proverbial cutting room floor.

How do I know they were having a great time? – well seeing people falling about laughing is always a good sign. And this wasn’t just a one-off. Most filming sessions are a lot of fun for my clients and for me.

The resulting film was used as a “Christmas wishes” message to friends and clients of Ashburton Prescribing but with a tiny bit of tweaking it would be easy to strip out the Christmas references and provide a film that can be rolled out throughout the year. But here is the Christmas version.

And as always great to work with Gareth Glynne Jones at Benetimo Health – specialists in Health Care PR.

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