Genealogy and Family Life Story Video – the perfect combination!

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It was lovely to meet up with Grace Tabern ( at St.Helens Chamber. As a professional genealogist, Grace offers a specialist family history research service. Genealogy and life story video are a great combination because they both help people to learn where they came from and how their families fit together. The approaches are quite different. Grace loves to spend time delving into archives to track people down – that makes her part historian and part detective. Me on the other hand – well I am more into instant gratification and story telling. An hour behind the camera listening to people talking about their lives – yes, that’s what I love, but there is a big overlap. We both tell a story! Just in different ways, combining the two makes for a fascinating, innovative approach. Of course there are always times, when things don’t go to plan. Grace mentioned that the starting point for her research is often a conversation to find out as much as possible about what families already know. And sometimes she will go back to those families with information she has found and they tell her they already knew that! Frustrating in one way, but reassuring to know the job has been done right!

Interested in family life story video – contact Howard on 07795 252797
Interested in family history research – contact Grace on 07921 706203
Interested in both – ring us both!

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