If the hat fits……

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In May this year we went to Berlin for a long weekend, except that I think it was Monday to Thursday if you see what I mean. We got there pretty handy and the hotel allowed us to book in much earlier than we should have. We asked the guy on reception where we could get transport into the city and he told us the tram stopped right outside. So we jumped onto a tram and off we went. After a little while we got a bit puzzled because we did not recognise any place names and after 20 minutes it felt like we were heading out of the city, not towards it. After 25 minutes we realised – right tram, wrong direction so we jumped off at the next stop, crossed the track and got the next one headed towards the city. After one stop I realised I had left my hat at the last tram stop. Now it only cost £2:99 at Tesco but it fitted and that was a bit special because I have a big head – not metaphorically because I am incredibly modest, but anatomically – My mother used to say I had a head like Gateshead! Thanks Mam. Now when I say it fitted what I mean is that it fitted after I had made a few adjustments by stitching up the elastic on the inside to make it a bit tighter. That proved very useful for identification.
So we jumped off the tram again, crossed the track and travelled back a couple of stops to where I thought my hat was. When we got there we crossed the track again and went to the seats where I must have left it. No sign of it at first but as we walked down the platform there were three lads (teenagers) on a seat and one of them was wearing a trilby style hat. Initially I was not sure it was mine but on closer inspection I decided it was so I told him in a mix of English and gesture that he was wearing my hat. He looked puzzled and might have been ready to front it out but I asked to see it and once I could see the stitched elastic I knew for sure it was mine. So I thanked him for looking after it and then another tram came so we got on it and left him and his mates, no doubt bemused at the antics of a crazy Englishman in shorts, sandals and now a newly re-homed hat. From there we were on the right tram, going in the right direction and eventually we arrived at the hotel that we had walked out of full of hope and excitement – 70 minutes earlier.
So the moral of the story…….. – in business or in life if the hat fits (with or without alterations), wear it with pride, don’t let anyone take it off you and if you should lose it for a while……….

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