Do introverts need to work harder and play the long game?

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Over the Christmas holidays I spent a lot of time looking at the work of some top flight photographers on You Tube – Robert Frank, Annie Leibowitz and Richard Avedon are all on there with reviews, analysis and conversation – so much great material to help us to understand their work, their achievements, their influence and their contributions to the world of photography and art. Another more recent photographer called Sean Tucker ( has his own You Tube channel and he presents his thoughts in a really calm, serene, spiritual way – none of the annoying, in your face “You Guys” nonsense which can take the edge off the You Tube experience. Sean’s presentation is a very personal offering and all about storytelling. One of his films features a series of portraits he has taken of people who had a major influence on his life. In another he talks about the introvert/ extrovert thing in photography. He sees himself as an introvert and feels that on balance extroverts are more likely to get “first dabs” on work and business opportunities. However he feels that good listening, awareness, insight and patience are also very sellable. Any thoughts?

Check out Sean’s You Tube Channel

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