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Today’s featured image is one I shot a few days ago. It is part of a series of photographs of a family I had never met and will probably never see again. There were four young children, three walking and one in a buggy. They looked so………. let’s get the wording right……… photographically appealing that I asked their mum if she would mind if I took some shots. She said yes. I shoot street portraits of people, children are people and it was all good. So why did it all feel so fraught? Why was I super reticent about talking to mum and asking to take the photographs? Why was I so pleased when said she was happy for me to use some of the images in my social media? Photographing other people’s children on the street and displaying the images on the internet is pretty much a taboo subject these days. That is really sad and in the months to come I want to try to do some more of it – with permissions. Yesterday I spotted a young couple in town and dad was feeding their two week old baby. It would have made another excellent image and we had a short chat but they said no thanks. I totally understand but it makes me sad for two reasons. I lost an opportunity for a lovely image and they lost an opportunity to record an amazing part of their child’s life – it’s first visit to Liverpool.

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