Livestreaming from Kirsty James at Colony Networking

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Last Friday night, a couple of slurps into a bottle of red, I came across a live streamed video from Kirsty James at Colony Networking on Facebook.
To check it out click here
It caught my attention for a number of reasons and gave me lots of food for thought. As Kirsty said it was an unplanned, unprepared live stream featuring people at an event and it came after the whole live streaming thing and lots of other social media stuff had been discussed within that group. So how was it, did it work? Well as a piece of art – Nah! but that was pretty unlikely. As a high production value promotional video – no again. But a few simple changes could make it a lot better. And as a piece of communication? – mmmmm….. – yes I think it worked very well.
There is a school of thought that says that DIY video is something to be avoided – I don’t totally buy into that. If you are selling Ferraris, top of the range cosmetics or fashion where glamour and image are uppermost then yes – forget the DIY stuff. But in the “talking trades” where your personality and relationships are really important (that covers a lot of people involved in business networking), then DIY video has much more to offer.
And here’s a question for you. How bad does a DIY video have to be before it generates negative value and is actually damaging? My answer is – pretty damned bad.
So if you make an effort to communicate with people, involve them, show you are human, do your best, don’t cause offence, then in the talking trades scoring 15 points out of a possible 100 might make DIY a good option – maybe the only option. And with a bit of planning and preparation and improvement over time maybe you could push that score to 30/100 for a film, or even higher. Ten films at 30/100 and you might start to get a lot of traction – who knows.
And let’s consider the alternative – professionally made video. If you are new to business or a small operator, some business cards, a budget website, some hosting and a bit of expenditure on networking and you can easily be clocking up a £1,000 – £1,500 spend. And a paid-for video even at the affordable end could add another £300 to £400. That is a lot of money and a single video soon needs some company to keep things bubbling. So for some people (maybe a lot of people) the only decision to make is DIY video or no video at all.
Now let’s try to put some figures against Kirsty’s video. It is the first and only one I have seen from a networking group so for that – Respect! That currently makes it the best one I have ever seen.
How many of the participants looked or sounded out of their depth and ridiculous? 0% – they all did fine.
How many of the participants looked like they were having a good time? 100% – that’s another feature of video – get over the initial nerves or as in this case don’t allow any time for nerves to develop and video can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience in its own right.
How many of the participants would look at how they presented and tweak it for next time? I would estimate 100% – that’s one of the beauties of video – you get the chance to view, assess, mull things over, do it all again in your own head….
But check out the video yourself and give us your thoughts.
So overall it is a work in progress but a really good start and confirms my view that DIY is an option and that a smartphone can be a brilliant marketing tool.
Any downside to video in this context? Well yes, there is. There is a lot of angst around video and as I have said before, people can be very reticent about getting involved. That means there is a risk that some potential visitors to Colony could see this video and be scared off from attending because of the worry that filming might happen again. But that is a minor negative in an otherwise very positive situation. Kirsty cleverly got 8 video testimonials for Colony, done and dusted and on Facebook in under nine minutes – that can’t be bad. And how much value would you put on the one from Jay Allen of My True North…….
“The calibre of both the networking, the people in the room and of the presentation is something I have not seen before. It’s really worthwhile time being here and I can’t recommend it highly enough”.
– sounds good to me.
But let’s leave the final word to Kirsty:-
“It’s been an interesting experiment having now done several planned videos versus an unplanned live clip; the type of interaction and comment from the latter has been completely different to the former even though both generated new enquiries and even sales”.
– you can’t ignore that.
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