My first motorbike

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In 1971 got my first motorbike – I was 16. It was a Francis Barnett/ Sun Wasp hydbrid – no not like today’s hybrids…… – more like a bit of a mongrel due to a previous destructive shunt of some kind. And it had a much sought after Villiers 9e engine (197cc). I paid £8 for the bike and got it from a guy my dad worked with. The 9e was popular for go cart racing and a similar engine was fitted to the three wheeler invalid cars of that era or death traps as they were often called. The day the bike was delivered I found it very difficult to get it started – obviously a huge disappointment. I had kicked it over so many times by tea time that the headlight fell off and that was a huge added embarrassment. But fair does the guy did come back to do a minor adjustment and from then it started pretty easily.

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Harley Davidson image? Sorry I don’t have a pic. for a Franny Barnett.

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