My friend and the tapeworms…..

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In October, 1977 so almost forty years ago I started my first job which was run under the JCP (Job Creation Programme) – yes things were tough for graduates in those days too. Anyway it paid the bills and I met Elizabeth my life partner and another lifelong friend (at least till she sees this post) – let’s call her Mary for reasons that will become obvious. Mary bought a Collie from someone who owned a restaurant out in the wilds of Cumbria and from time to time Mary and Jess the Collie and I along with my Cocker Spaniel Sally would go for dog walks. One day Mary asked me to have a look at her dog. She was worried because there were white things coming out of its bum – some a couple of inches long and others quite a bit longer – a bit like flattened white string. Now I am not a Vet, and I am I not an expert in canine parasites but I was pretty sure I was not looking at a case of Conjunctivitis. Poor girl I think she must have lived a sheltered life. Have you got tales to tell? – they don’t need to be big or clever to raise a smile.

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