Promotional Videos – things are changing

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Promotional Videos – one video may not be enough

I did a 5 minute spotlight presentation to the OWL (Ormskirk and West Lancs.) Networking Group earlier this week and briefly touched on a big change in the way people are using promotional videos – I noticed it about a year ago. Up to that point, most of the time I would produce one video for a client, shooting lots of footage and taking 10 seconds from here and maybe 15 seconds from another clip to build up the final project. The rest of the footage ended up on the cutting room floor (or more likely clogging up a huge amount of space on my hard drives). But more recently I have been producing suites of promotional videos for clients – usually a main project plus several more built on the other footage. So for example if I shoot a conversation with someone that lasts 2 – 3 minutes, instead of just using the 10 “highlight” seconds I often use the whole conversation (where content can be excellent) to make another video. All it needs is topping and tailing with the same intros. and outros. as the main video – that means there is a thematic link between all the projects. Over the last few months I have produced 13 promotional videos for MacMillan Cancer Care at the Christie Hospital, 7 films for Joseph’s Goal in Wigan, 7 films for Len Rainford the Franchise Consultant from St.Helens and a couple of weeks ago a dozen videos for Ben Coker of Ben Coker International. To check out one of Ben’s promotional videos Click Here. Oh and the reason for the change? Well that would be because of the video explosion in social media which is so hungry for new content. Having a full suite or resource of promotional videos that can be recycled on a regular basis is a good place to be in the new world.

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