Salmon fishing in Scotland – time to start planning

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Salmon fishing on the might River Tay on the Newtyle Beat at Birnam

Now that Christmas is history it is time to start looking forward to the approaching season and I have just booked three days Salmon fishing on the Newtyle Beat of the mighty River Tay at Birnam, near Dunkeld in Perthshire. Ever heard of Birnam? Well if you are familiar with Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” (a brilliant play that makes “House of Cards” look like a family picnic) you will remember that Birnam Wood moved to Dunsinane and when it did Macbeth was totally screwed. Anyway the Newtyle trip is a highlight in my year. The first time I went in 2013 I did some filming and photography and produced a video called “Mr. Dobson’s Party” and it has been very well received by anglers from all over the UK and beyond. To date it has had 19,974 You Tube views and a conversation with the Ghillie, Andy Gunn that I filmed in the same week has had 5,507 views. Any impact on the fishery from a marketing point of view? Well let’s just say that availability for fishing seems a lot tighter now than it was in 2013. I am currently available for Salmon fishing related film work and I am sure that we could come to some kind of arrangement on payment in cash or access to fishing.

Ring Howard on 07795 252797.

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