Save some time on You Tube – paste your tags from a Word document

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So let’s assume that you have got your video or videos produced and you are ready to start using them. Most people go to You Tube for hosting – it is quick, pretty easy and free so a good option. But you need to put a bit of effort into doing the background work – giving your film a searchable title, a description and tags that help to get it noticed. If you are looking to save time maybe you can double up and use a blog post about your video as the description. And a little trick that I stumbled across is that you can paste your tags straight from a Word document. That saves time and relieves the boredom and allows you to change the tags quickly and easily over time. All you need to do is type a list of tags into a Word document, separated by a comma and then copy the file and paste it into the tags box….. And for your next film you already have a good starting point for your You Tube tags. Do a bit of tweaking, add a few, remove a few, trial some others and away you go.


It’s a real help, especially if you are uploading a lot of videos but you will need to research the best tags to use for your own particular area of activity.

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