In search of the purrfect social media image

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Over Christmas we had a visit from our daughter and her new Rag Doll kitten, called Bella. It was a bit of a shock to the system because even though we have a Parson Jack Russell Terrier that has more bounce than Zebedee on speed, Bella was something else entirely. A complete 360 degree circuit of the lounge without touching the floor….. – I wasn’t over impressed with that, but she was very entertaining. And she did provide a brilliant photo. opportunity (or two) and of course that links in (excuse the pun) to social media because…… I took maybe 150 shots, 20 of them were usable, 5 were really nice and the one you see here is my favourite. So how good does a photograph need to be before it is usable on social media? The only answer I can give is “It depends”….. on many things. But as a reality check, finding the perfect image every time for an insatiable social media machine is a very tall order indeed. Ask your staff to be mindful, vigilant for opportunities and active with their cameras and smartphones, give some guidance on the sort of shots that could be useful, compile a bank of shots. But above all “do the best you can with what you have got”. And to quote Matt Beaty, Master Printer “It’s not rocket surgery”.

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