Situations you were concerned about in your working life that turned out fine? Here’s mine…..

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In 1997 after four years managing a mental health service I moved on to manage a learning disability service. Due to the nature of the new service many of the people we supported needed hands-on personal care. A lot of social services managers get involved in personal care in the early parts of their careers but my early career was in another department so that did not happen for me. It is fair to say I viewed the prospect of supporting people in the bathroom with a bit of trepidation. Then one day it happened – we were short staffed, there were no male members of staff in the centre apart from me and a Support Worker pretty much told me that I was needed. What happened then was a surprise. As soon as I experienced personal care I realised it was going to be OK. I learned quickly what needed to be done and enjoyed the interaction with the people I was supporting. I also found it quite therapeutic and a relaxing change from desk work. When I was in the bathroom it gave me an opportunity to try to model good practice and monitor how other members of staff worked (though they weren’t likely to cut corners when the boss was in the room).

So what about you?

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