Size matters – Street photography – No.1

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Out and about in Liverpool a few of weeks ago with a new camera doing some street photography. I don’t actually know if “street” is for me because it tends to be candid and secretive and there is not much engagement with people. I think my preference is street portraiture where you actually talk to the person and ask permission to take his/ her photograph. I have already noticed a difference in attitudes to me between when I use my big boy, proper camera with a long lens on and the tiny Sony RX100 (which in many ways has a higher spec.) than the big boy. When I am out with my big camera I have had a really high conversion rate (the percentage of people who say it is OK for me to take their photograph) compared to when I use the small camera. It is a very small study but so far my success rate with the small RX100 is poor. This might be down to the “energy” I emit – not totally confident yet with the new one, not totally sure that street is right for me. But I think the issue may be perception on the part of the people I talk to. Big camera/lens suggests serious photographer who knows what he is doing – small camera suggests Mickey Mouse and a bit “creepy” – so size might matter!

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