The Cold War

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The Cold War

Can you remember back in the day when you caught a cold? – not real flu which killed millions across the planet after World War 1 and not Man Flu (possibly the most sexist concept ever to fly under the radar). I am just talking about the common cold. As a boy/ younger man it seemed that everyone got a cold at least once a year – that’s why it was called the common cold. You sneezed, you coughed, your nose ran, the sleeve of your jumper turned silver – these were simple times.

The modern cold is a different phenomenon altogether. I have had one for a week and here is a list of symptoms:-

Aching joints in the neck and my right hand side – shoulder, hip, big toe – not my right knee until that mysteriously kicked off a bit on a dog walk when the other joints rather suspiciously all stopped aching at the same time.

Head ache – not terrible just permanent
Stomach ache – background – mostly
Nausea – sporadic.

And here are the killers…

A total removal of any desire to drink red wine (this could be serious but financially good).

A complete loss of passion to walk the streets with my camera – this must be serious. And…..

For 3 nights a near total loss of the ability to go to sleep!

But so far – no coughing, sneezing, running nose or silver sleeve.

Puzzled? Me too!

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