The shape of things….

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Have you ever wondered why the tops of people’s heads get cut off in films, on the telly and in photographs? Well the problem is that whilst faces can be beautiful (as featured), handsome, kindly, mysterious, lived-in and lots of other things besides, heads/ faces are badly designed. There – I’ve said it The eyes are too low down! This design flaw doesn’t matter so much for wider angle shots where the head/ face is a small part of the frame. The real difficulty comes with close up shots where the face fills the frame, particularly in landscape shots – and remember landscape is how TV, cinema and proper computers do business. This is where the rule of thirds kicks in. Of course rules are just a guide and meant to be broken but ROT is powerfully ingrained in us all. Aesthetically it is a nice, comfortable place to go if the main feature (the eyes) in an image is about one third from the top and one third from the side. That’s just how it is…… If a face is full frame which helps with intensity, the eyes in the middle of the face are automatically going to be too low in the shot for max. comfort/ pleasure. Option 1. Make the head smaller. Option 2. Lose the top of the head. Option 3. Compromise and do a bit of both. Try it – see what you think.

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