The Uppies and the Doonies

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I got into a Linked In conversation last week with someone who had posted an uppy/ doony video (portrait style, holding the phone the wrong way for video) and I advised that all video should be shot lefty/ righty – i.e. landscape format like computer screens and T.V.’s. But using the expression uppy/ doony reminded me of a game played in Workington that my Nanna used to talk about. It was a game held annually between teams from two parts of the town who didn’t really think that Rugby League was violent enough. The aim of the game was to “hail the ball” or throw it up in the air three times at the opposing team’s goal – either a capstan at the harbour (Doonies’ goal) or the gates of Workington Hall Parklands (Uppies goal). Rules? – there weren’t any and it could get pretty rough due in no small part because it was a game between two areas of the town. The Doonies came from the poorer marsh and quay areas which were looked down upon by the Uppies from the more affluent top end of Workington – and wait for the oxymoron here….. “where the local petty bourgeoisie (of Workington) lived”. Thanks to Wikipedia for that. So if you are doing DIY video on your smartphone, always hold it long ways across or landscape…

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