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Quality and Outcomes Framework – Video production for General Practitioners

Can video help with your Quality and Outcomes Framework Performance?

Open Door Multimedia is a small, local company which produces affordable video for businesses and charities. We have produced a number of health related film projects. We are now looking to develop links amongst GP Practices in the region, whose QOF performance needs a boost.

A number of factors will contribute to low performance in this area and one of them may well be linked to the Practice’s communication and contact with its patients.

Video is an excellent communication tool and it can be a quick, simple and relatively low cost way of providing information and improving relationships. This could be very beneficial in terms of QOF performance and in turn it could bring major financial benefits to affected Practices for an outlay of hundreds, rather than thousands of pounds.

Check out the 16 videos below. They may help you to see the potential of video and start to think how you could be using it in your Practice.

For further information contact Howard Jackson at Open Door Multimedia.

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Film No. 1

This is a Video featuring Prostate Artery Embolisation produced for the Sefton Suite in 2016

This video was commissioned by the Sefton Suite which is part of Aintree Hospitals Foundation Trust. It describes a new and pioneering treatment for benign enlarged prostate. It is has a 70% success rate.

Film No. 2

Introduction to the operating theatre by Mr. Andrew Taylor at the Spire Liverpool Hospital

This film was one of a suite of projects to provide information about the services and facilities available at the Spire Liverpool Hospital. Mr. Taylor describes what happens when patients are about to go into theatre.

Film No. 3

One of over 30 Physiotherapy exercises for shoulder conditions filmed for Mr. Peter Brownson, Liverpool Upper Limb Unit

Mr. Brownson wanted to be able to provide his patients with a range of exercise videos that would be helpful for a number of varied shoulder conditions.

Film No. 4

Impingement Syndrome described by Mr. Peter Brownson – Orthopaedic Surgeon and Pioneer of Keyhole Surgery

This was another video produced for Mr.Brownson. Here he describes one of the most common shoulder conditions that he treats – Impingement Syndrome.

Film No. 5

Mr.Chris Walker describing his role as a leading specialist in Foot Surgery at the Bone and Joint Centre in Liverpool.

Mr. Walker explains why he developed his specialism in foot surgery, describes how it has developed in recent years and demonstrates some of the procedures and equipment that are now available.

Film No. 6

Mr. Alasdair Santini – who specialises in knee surgery. In this film Mr.Santini is having a pre-operation conversation with a patient.

This video provides a detailed description of what happens after a patient has been admitted for surgery. In this case the Surgeon confirms the procedure that he is about to perform, marks the leg that the surgery will be performed on and obtains the necessary signatures.

Film No. 7

A video featuring Think Ahead, a Wigan based Stroke charity. The film shows the charity’s role in Stroke Awareness Week and the opening of its new centre.

This video was commissioned by Think Ahead to record its contribution to Stroke Awareness Week which is a national programme of activities and events. The charity was working with a range of local partners including the local hospital trust, the Social Services Department and the CCG.

Film No. 8

Superglide Stair Lift User guide. This film demonstrates how video can provide information and guidance for patients on the use of equipment.

This project was one of two produced for a local company which installs stairlifts. Both videos have attracted a large amount of attention on You Tube and are great
examples of how well hands-on staff can work in front of the camera.

Film No. 9

A conversation with Mr.Peter Brownson – rthopaedic Surgeon about his training, his current role and why he chose to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon

We have filmed Mr. Brownson a number of times but this is
our favourite piece. Lasting for close to seven minutes,
it is informative, inspiring and at times moving as he describes
what he does and even more importantly why he embarked
on this particular career.

Film No. 10

A promotional video featuring the role and services offered by Dr. Mary Adams, a private General Practitioner based in Lancashire.

An early Open Door Multimedia project where Dr. Mary Adams of Clitheroe talks about her role as a Private GP in Lancashire. In addition to General Practice Dr. Adams provides occupational health services to businesses in the area.

Film No. 11

A video produced for Wigan Council which features a Child Psychologist talking about her role, training and the qualification process for her discipline.

Video is an excellent way to help health professionals describe their role and to start to develop a relationship with potential patients and service users.

Film No. 12

A simple Animated Whitebaord Explainer video produced for Andrea Matthews of Creative Neuro Rehab. who specialises in Acquired Brain Injury.

Text based animations can be simple and quick to produce and they can be particularly useful if used as part of a display within a surgery.

Film No. 13

Friends of Families in Wigan asked for a whiteboard animation to explain the role of the charity and the services it offers.

Another whiteboard, explainer animation produced for a Wigan based charity. Whiteboards can be fun and accessible and they can be included within camera-shot projects.

Film No. 14

This video, also produced for Wigan Council features a digital design company called BD2.

Very few people find it easy to deliver full-on presentations in front of a camera. However there are several ways to present content and material in a more relaxed,
conversational style. Choosing the right approach can make a big difference to the impact of the material and the relationship between the viewer and the presenter.

Film No. 15

Nick Hall is a Corporate Partner at KPS, a firm of solicitors based in St.Helens. This video demonstrates how camera-shot footage can be used in combination with animation.

This project is one of ten produced for KPS in St.Helens. Each video covered a different area of the law so the content was very varied. However the format, style and look of all the films was thematically linked to support the KPS brand. Videos for General Practices can be connected in the same way – different content and messages but all with the same look to promote the Practice.

Film No. 16

At the time of filming Professor Andrew Sherry was with the Dalton Institute in Manchester. This video is included as another example of a welcoming, conversational style presentation.

Another example of a conversational style of delivery and again this was one of a suite of projects filmed on the same day at the same location, which is a really cost
effective way to do things.

Could video production help to improve the performance of your Practice within the Quality and Outcomes Framework?

For further information contact Howard Jackson at Open Door Multimedia.

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