Video Production in Merseyside – A Case Study – Len Rainford – The Franchise Specialist

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Today I am talking about a video production in Merseyside for The Franchise Specialist case study featuring Len Rainford – The Franchise Specialist.

I met Len 2 – 3 years ago, probably via St.Helens Chamber and I have bumped into him on a regular basis at the Chamber and other networking opportunities since then. A little while before Christmas Len posted a blog/ Linked In piece featuring case studies of clients he has worked/ is working with. It was really interesting but I could not help thinking that the case studies would have been even better in video format. So I dropped him a quick email saying that and he replied with a “your ears must have been burning” email because he was thinking about getting in touch with me about some video content for his updated website.

So we talked (I was out with the dog at the time so the conversation had a few Com ‘ere Alfie’s and a bit of squelching mud background noise). We then met up at St.Helens Chamber and agreed a way forward based on Len finding one of his clients who was prepared to speak on camera about the experience of working with him. Len also said he would find a venue too.

Before we got on site Len had done some work on content taking account of advice I had given him and of course I was happy to make other suggestions before we got to a final brief.

Filming took place in February at the Poco Coffee shop in Earlstown. We had a nice olde worlde backdrop of a Spanish street and Len’s client was Richard Sutton, Managing Director of Poco Coffee Ltd. He did a great job – relaxed, confident and very positive about Len’s contribution to his plans to franchise his business – video testimonials must be one of the most effective forms of promotional video. Len also rose to the challenge.

The outcome was the production of a suite of 7 promotional videos – the main one featured above probably being destined for the home page on Len’s website and the other six being shorter versions for use at different locations on the website and in social media.

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