Video testimonials are like a film of the Best Man’s Speech….

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Video testimonials are like a film of the Best Man’s Speech at a wedding…. but without the embarrassing stuff about the night club in Amsterdam! Someone saying good things about you….. – and that just about covers it.

They can potentially provide a lot of SEO ranking benefits. Also they are powerful promotional tools and inexpensive to produce so they just could be the best value pieces of real estate you can add to your website. And here’s how you do them.

As usual it’s about audiences and messages – who do you want to talk to and what do you want to say? Is there a particular sector you want to develop business with, what is the demographic? – who are they, how old are they, where do they live, what do they do etc.? – you know the drill. And once you know who you want to talk to, think about the messages and write them down so that you can build your video testimonials around them.

You might want to think about covering:-

Quality product
Service and support

Covering all of those areas in one video testimonial is a big ask so maybe go for 3 – 4 videos with each person covering a couple of points. Need more advice? Ring me on 07795 252797

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