Vinyl and film

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I have been doing a lot of You Tube surfing recently, looking at videos about photography – so much to see and learn! Surprisingly there is a still a huge amount of interest in the use of film as opposed to digital equipment, though if you walk around our cities and check out what photographers are using you would never realise that. I have also been thinking back to the days when my own photography was done on black and white film – 35mm Ilford FP4 mainly (with a little bit of 2 and a quarter square for a while). Would I want to go back? – yes and no. On one hand there is a nostalgia about film and some of the old cameras are now available at such great prices. On the other hand it involved a lot more post shoot work and my eyes aren’t as good as they were so manual focus could be a bit of a headache. But it would be interesting to see what impact the reduction in pace would have. With film you had to think more and shoot less due to cost and the reduced speed of the older equipment.

And what about vinyl making a comeback? For me and many others, it never went away. I have always had a record deck as part of my music playing arsenal – a Pioneer PL12D which I got over 40 years ago for my 21st birthday.

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