Walking round with your eyes closed?

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A few weeks ago I was walking round Seahouses with my camera looking for everything and nothing in particular that might catch my eye. It was fairly late in the evening and the light had gone but I saw something that appealed. At the side of the road near the quayside was a pile of wooden blocks that look like they are used to prop up boats when they are out of the water for maintenance and repair. The colours were great but due to the light I had to go back a second time, and a third because at the second time of asking there was a car parked unhelpfully in front of the blocks. But third time lucky I got these photographs. When I look closely I can see maps, including a weather map of the UK and faces. And to me one of the shots looks like the introduction to a David Attenborough film. Easy to miss if you walk round with your eyes closed and your mind on other things.

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