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I decided to get a new website built earlier this year to promote my work including video production in Liverpool – check it out via and thanks to Derek Tierney of Hot Webdesigner for doing it for me. Nice job, Derek. As part of the planning I decided I needed some photographs of myself so I asked Tony Longmore of Oculus Studios in Warrington to do them for me.  They needed to be studio shots because I wanted what is called the infinity white background – where basically the background is totally white. It is very much an Apple look because I am an Apple kind of a guy – young, happening, dynamic – or not!

I have done some nice studio style selfies but it might surprise you that the last time I had my photograph done by someone else in a studio was probably when I was around 7 years of age.

Video production in Liverpool 4

A young Howard Jackson having a bad day

And here is the pic. – proof if proof were needed that even 50 years ago young lads could have a bad day, including a bad hair day, month or even year. It’s a shame init! So I was looking forward to the session with Tony and interested in seeing how he works.

I gave him a pretty clear brief and showed him some examples of what I was hoping to achieve. It was a very comfortable experience but interestingly the first shots he did were not what I was expecting – he had done exactly what I had asked him to do but pointed out some things in the example that I had not noticed – it’s his full time job, he notices things. So we went to plan B. and from there I was really happy. He was quick and responsive and I enjoyed the short session.

And from there it was straight to the computer to pick my favourite shots, a little bit of editing (not much because I looked gorgeous anyway) and that was the job done. Great quality shots, exactly what I was looking for – what’s not to like?

So thanks to Tony and you can check out the results below. And if you need any video production in Liverpool, check out our video portfolio page via Click here  and give me a call on 07795 252797.


video production in liverpool by open door multimedia 1

Howard Jackson – Photo by Tony Longmore

Video production in Liverpool 2

Howard Jackson by Tony at Oculus Studios

Video production in Liverpool 3

Howard Jackson of Open Door Multimedia

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