Wedding dresses to video production

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Yesterday I was listening to Chris Evans talking about a wedding pic. from Australia that has gone viral. 6 of the guests turned up in the same dress – don’t you hate it when that happens. As the story went on it turned out that the dresses were not exactly the same and were helpfully (from a marketing point of view) being worn by ladies of different shapes and sizes. It was then “suggested” that it was all just an advert for a line of dresses. The conversation then went on to ladies taking spare dresses to weddings to avoid the embarrassment of duplication. Time to talk about a traumatic ordeal I went through prior to the wedding of a friend’s daughter. Liz, my partner bought a very nice and rather expensive dress. On the morning of the wedding it looked great till the zip jammed. Long story short I had to find a needle and thread in the car and eventually sewed her into the dress. Black dress, brown thread but black mascara dealt with that. Problem solved. Since then Liz has always taken a spare dress to weddings in case of wardrobe malfunctions and moving over to video production…….. I always carry a full back up set of equipment so that if I do get a technical issue, I have a solution in the case.

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