When that whole political correctness thing came and spoiled everything……..

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Remember in the good old days when it was OK to be crude and offensive in the workplace as long as you were equally offensive to everyone in a sharing kind of way. Then that whole political correctness thing came and spoiled everything? Me neither. Thankfully things have moved on since the 60’s but as an ex-social services manager moving into the business community I have heard some pretty non-PC stuff that has shocked me. Things that if they were said in a social services setting could have led to a disciplinary situation. Has it all gone too far? Well that is a debate that will run and run, but hopefully a lot of marginalised and minority groups are in a better place now than they used to be. Taking my social services experience into video production has been a real plus because I can help people with slight changes in terminology in their presentations. “Schizophrenics” are people with Schizophrenia, “the wheelchair-bound” are people who use wheelchairs, “Diabetics” are people with Diabetes. And if I hear a health or social care practitioner talk about “these people” – I know it’s not going to work. Does that make a difference – hell yes!!!!!

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