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OpenDoor Multimedia was founded by Howard Jackson whose passion for photography began when he was studying for the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Teaching Qualification) at Manchester University in 1976. On completion of that course Howard was desperate to buy a quality SLR camera. He recalls having to explain to a bemused bank manager why it was so important for him to borrow the money to buy what appeared to be a “luxury” item. It was one of those “if you need to ask you won’t understand the answer” questions but the loan was agreed and Howard bought the legendary Olympus OM1 at a cost of £165.99p. What would that be at today’s prices?

Years later Howard took up the piano (16 years and still learning!). In time he was introduced to Apple Mac computers and began composing and recording his own original music. Fortunately the software used to record music can also be used to edit audio recordings. This developed almost by accident when Howard decided to make a recording of a conversation with his friend Bill Graham. It was Bill who introduced Howard to salmon fishing. He was a great story teller and a important influence on Howard’s life. That conversation worked tremendously well and from it came the idea for the “Present of a Lifetime” project. Howard has made many recordings of family and friends since and they provide a priceless and timeless record of their lives.

In time video and web design were added to Howard’s repertoire and began to blend with his photography, music, audio recordings and a longstanding enjoyment of writing. It was at that time that the dream of pursuing a career in multimedia was born.


Howard graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1976 with an Honours Degree in Politics and Economics and went on to complete the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Teaching Qualification) at the University of Manchester in 1977.

He started his working life in youth clubs and as a playleadership organiser in Carlisle and West Lancashire. Howard was awarded the Diploma in Management Studies in 1982 before taking up the post of Principlal Community Recreation Officer in Kirkby on Merseyside. After 10 years involvement in the support and training of local individuals and groups and fundraising on behalf of community organisations he transferred to the Social Services Department. In his new role Howard worked with people with severe mental health needs including Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder and completed the Certificate in Mental Health Care.

After 4 enjoyable and successful years Howard moved on to manage the large budgets and staff teams associated with supporting adults with a learning disability – day services, respite and supported living. During this time Howard continued to deliver training to staff and completed the NVQ Level 4 in Management. He was also the first member of the department to complete the NVQ Level 4 in Care. Until leaving the department Howard was registered with the Care Quality Commission as the manager of the Supported Living Service.

His career and experiences provide an ideal platform for multimedia work with a very wide range of organisations and he is passionate about maintaining his connection with vulnerable people including adults with a learning disability.


“All the support you need – every step of the way”

“…..we are thinking about having a film made to show our products
to the world and generate sales but we don’t have a big budget
and we don’t know where to start…..”
“…..our training budget has been slashed but for health and safety
reasons we still need to provide the same amount of training – can you help?…..”

If you are new to using multi media in your promotional, training or campaigning activities, we will support you through every stage of the process:-

  • Initial contact with you as the customer
  • Our first conversation
  • Agreeing the brief
  • Signing a contract
  • Mapping out the Storyboard
  • Agreeing dates for filming
  • On-site filming
  • Post production
  • Finalising the project

At every point in the production process we will:-

  • Listen to you as the customer
  • Support you to achieve the results you need
  • Guide and advise
  • Involve you and your staff and provide a brilliant learning opportunity
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