Accidents and a miracle

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I recently mentioned the guy with the head injury from his sailing accident and soon after seeing him I saw a very large American guy fall flat on his face near Tower Bridge. He tripped over a seat that was in the path. It looked very nasty and had the potential to be a holiday limiting event. I hope he is OK.

A third accident I saw fortunately did not realise its full potential. As a lady was putting her bag in the high level luggage rack on the Euston/Liverpool train her big water bottle fell out of it and landed on the table narrowly missing heads and spilling a lot of water within a millemetre of someone’s laptop. The lady with the bag and the bottle (which was no longer in the bag) said “Good job it’s not gin”.

The miracle?……. is that she was not battered to a bloody pulp by the three people sharing her table.

She got lucky!

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