Another varied bunch of hellos, conversations and photographs last Sunday

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Another varied bunch of hellos, conversations and photographs last Sunday……. Father Christmas by St. George’s Hall – he is actually in the middle of an eleven month sabbatical but returns to the role towards the end of November. A bullfighting enthusiast who recently had his gold watch stolen by a lady in Madrid. A punky/ goth girl. A Washington D C student (featured pic.) who is currently on a course at the London School of Economics and who was in Liverpool for the weekend. She was shooting photographs on film with an old Canon AE-1 camera which was state of the art in the late 70’s. I am working on a series of portraits of people using old film cameras (Bronica, Zenith, Praktika, Pentax, Minolta so far and now Canon). A one man band who was pretty tired after a hard day’s one man banding in Bold St., Liverpool (I think he is Swedish). I asked the LSE lady about the 20′ high upside down globe outside LSE. She didn’t know why it is upside down but she got back to me with the following explanation:- “LSE is a place where people with different perspectives engage in respectful debate about major issues for the world. The World Turned Upside Down is a work of art by Mark Wallinger. It is his representation of the world in 2019”. Glad we got that one sorted out.

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