Why should I have a film made?

Until recently the possibility of having a film made to increase sales, provide staff induction and training, inform, educate or promote issues was very limited. The cost of professionally produced films was prohibitive for many smaller firms/ organisations and the quality of DIY films simply was not good enough. With the arrival of digital equipment it is now possible to produce reasonable quality films on even domestic/ consumer cameras provided you have the skills and the time to shoot the film and edit your material – a quick look at Vimeo or You Tube will confirm that – millions of films and many produced to an extremely high standard.

The growth of the internet now allows and requires organisations to promote and explain what they do. The written word and photographs have been the main elements of web design for many years but increasingly companies and organisations are now looking to film to extend their web presence and impact. A film can say a lot more than a series of photographs and filmed interviews really allow potential customers/ supporters to get to know you and other people in your company or organisation. Film promotes clarity and expresses emotion far more effectively than the written word or photographs.

The opportunity now exists to use film extensively to increase sales and profit, train your managers or your staff and promote causes all over the world.

How much will it cost?

If you take a quick look at film production houses you may be surprised at how much they charge for a very short video – those charges run into hundreds of pounds for a one or two minute film and then there may be add-ons for doing multiple interviews, visits to more than one site, hire of professional actors and voice overs. Before you know it the bill for your short promotional or training film could be approaching £1,000 or much more. And it is the uncertainty about the final cost that is the obstacle that businesses and organisations often do not get past. With Open Door Multimedia our approach to pricing is very simple. The basic rate is currently £350 per day. That rate covers all elements of the production process, whether it is initial meetings, time spent taking photographs, filming on site or in post production (editing). A short film will take two full days so you are looking at £700 for your project. We will agree a price with you for producing your film before you sign a contract. Provided you do not make significant changes to the brief or cause unreasonable delays during on site filming that is the price that you pay. Included in that price is the freedom to include whatever you want to e.g. footage of your offices or factory, your production process, your raw materials, your range of products or services, your fleet………… Interviews with managers, members of staff and “talking heads” with satisfied customers can all be included in the brief. For a two day film you can think in terms of having us on site for 7 hours and during that time we will film whatever you ask us to film – it is that simple – no hidden extras, no charges for hired in equipment, no unpleasant surprises when you get your invoice.

The end result will be that you will receive your film in the following formats:-

On a white DVD in simple presentation cases – with a photograph on the front and rear of the case (with titles) and an insert which includes information about the film and your company or organisation – (5 copies included in the daily charge)

On a white DVD in an agreed format for uploading to your own server, website, Vimeo or You Tube

In addition for an introductory period you will receive a copy of all photographs taken whilst on site – on a DVD. You will be permitted to use those photographs in your own promotional/ training activities.

From the very beginning we will make a commitment to tell you exactly what your chosen package will cost and it is worth repeating that provided you do not make significant changes to the brief or cause unreasonable delays during on site filming, the final price will not deviate from the one initially quoted.

Are there any hidden costs that I need to be aware of?

Prices that you will be quoted are based on a wide range of factors – the brief itself, type of packaging, quantities required, location. If you as the customer have very special requirements that could lead to an increase in production costs that we will have to pass on to you. The figure of £350 per day is the basic rate that we charge. This assumes that we do not need to source external voice overs or actors. If they are needed it will add substantially to the cost of your project. But we will be open with you from the outset and we can give an assurance that there will be no hidden costs and no nasty surprises on your invoice.

Will the picture and sound quality of the film reflect well on my business?

The equipment we use is more than up to the job and stills photographs, film and audio recordings will reflect extremely well on you and the company or organisation that you represent. We use Lumix Digital SLR cameras, Panasonic Video Cameras, Rode and Sennheisser audio recording equipment. Our post production work is done on Apple computers which are industry standard. The simple answer is that yes – the work that we will do for you will reflect very favourably on your business. And because we fully engage with you and your staff there will be a real “buy-in” from all the people who are involved. To assess the quality of our projects take a look over 30 films which are featured on this website.

How long will the filming take?

This will depend on the brief for the project, location and the presentation skills of the people you want to be included in the film. It will also depend on your production processes and your own working arrangements. e.g.

  • Filming a health and safety or induction lecture would be done in real time i.e. if the lecture lasts 50 minutes, there would be 50 minutes of filming plus some introductory filming
  • A promotional film for a food processing company would be much shorter, but technically could be more demanding. The filming may need to be spread over several hours with e.g. fresh vegetables being delivered at 7am, being processed throughout the day and despatched to customers in the evening.
  • A promotional film for an events management company might involve the filming of events on different sites, over a period of several weeks
  • A project on sports performance could involve filming over several training sessions to chart the progress of an athlete and his/ her technique.

All of these are possible and Open Door Multimedia will work with customers to fit in with their wishes and the pressures they face. We will keep costs as low as possible and to restate our commitment is tobe open from the outset and there will be no hidden costs.

How long will it take before my completed film is delivered?

Technological advances mean that processing times can be amazingly short.

e.g. A Merseyside manufacturer supplies a piece of machinery to a company in Dubai and it needs an urgent modification or adjustment to meet local circumstances. It would be possible to film that adjustment being carried out in the Merseyside factory, upload it to a website and make it available to a local technician in Dubai within a few hours.

This is an extreme example and most projects will not be so urgent. Turn round will depend on the nature of the brief, the time of year and the requirements of the customer. If the brief is simple and there is no external duplication or printing, the turn round could be within 7 working days. At particularly busy times turn round could take longer but we will agree a delivery date with you as the customer before contracts are signed. And if you need it tomorrow ASK – if we can possibly do it, we will!

How long will the film run?

This depends on what you want to achieve through your film. The reality is that unless your audience is fascinated by what you do, they will not make the commitment to watch a long film. This means that promotional films may be anything from 1 minute up to 5 or 10 minutes. For induction and training films they will need to be as long as they need to be. There may be a considerable amount of information to get across to members of staff. If that information is to be delivered “lecture style” it will need to be filmed in real time – if the lecture lasts 50 minutes, there would be 50 minutes of filming plus some introductory footage. However it is possible to produce training resources made up of e.g. 10 separate clips of film so that trainers can show each one separately to illustrate/ enhance themes that they are delivering. And for life story films – well they might last anything up to 70 minutes depending on how “talkative” the focus person is.

What preparations will I need to make?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends so much on the type of film you would like to produce. As said elsewhere in these FAQ’s we will work with you to plan your project and discuss with you by phone what you want to achieve. By talking to you and drawing up detailed plans we will be able to help you to visualise what your film will look like. The storyboard will give you a really good idea of what you will need to have ready when we arrive on site to start filming. If you ask us to film your factory and your production process you should be thinking through what you want to be covered. It is in your interests that the factory is clean and tidy and that your staff are well briefed and understand what they need to do/ say. Basic housekeeping also makes sense – picking up litter, removing waste, getting rid of that skip……….. Clean uniforms, good health and safety arrangements will also reflect well on you and your business. But do not feel as though you have to have thought everything through before you talk to us……….. “All the support you need – every step of the way” includes the preparation and planning stages. We may suggest a list of things for you to do before filming – in effect an action plan so that the time we spend with you is used to the maximum.

And just a quick word about preparing your staff – Open Door Multimedia is founded on an assumption that most businesses and organisations have people with the skills to present well in front of a camera. “Seek and you will find” just about covers it – and when you ask staff to take part you will probably be very pleasantly surprised with the response. Eddie in quality control just might be a natural in front of the camera!

How can I use my film to promote my business/ organisation?

How you use your film will depend on the brief for the film, the nature of your business/ the work that you do. Your film can come in the form of a DVD and/ or in a format suitable for uploading to your own server or website or to Vimeo and You Tube. You can use your film for training sessions and presentations or for continuous looping on a stall at a conference. You can also order multiple copies for circulation to members of your organisation or to current and potential customers. Films are a particularly good way of explaining complex subjects. On this site there is a link that will take you to a film made on behalf of S.J.Plumbing and Heating of St.Helens. Click here. The purpose of that film is to explain in detail how the company goes about installing a full central heating system. When bought in relatively small quantities DVD’s can be given to potential customers to increase their understanding of processes and establish trust in a company. This is bound to raise the probability of an enquiry turning into an order.

Will I need to be seen or talk on film?

If you are really passionate about the messages you want to get across in your film, then maybe you need to think about being in it. We will work with you to remove the mysteries and help you to deal with any anxiety you have about standing in front of a camera or having your voice recorded. It does not always have to be about looking straight into the lens – you could be filmed doing something practical, we could record your voice separately/ in private …….. many different approaches are possible. But at the end of the day if you really do not want to be seen or heard on film we will help you to find someone else to do it.

Will my staff be good enough to take part in the film?

The simple answer is almost certainly yes. Global companies with huge marketing budgets will often choose to use professional and even famous actors to deliver their messages. But even those companies will probably use their own managers and staff as well. Brad Pitt might be able to fit you in sometime in the next decade but he is probably outside the pocket of smaller businesses and organisations. Even “jobbing” actors can add hugely to the cost of producing a film. If you add the likelihood that within your company you will have some naturally “up-for-it” performers to the benefits of them really buying into your promotional plans, you can have a real win/ win situation.

Will staff in my business/ organisation be prepared to be part of the film?

The simple answer is again – very probably. Our experience is that after initial nerves staff are often very willing to try their hand at being filmed.

What can I do if I am not happy with any aspect of the film that is produced for me?

There is a huge amount of technology in use in film production these days. One of the real benefits of the advancing technology is that making changes to films is easy. By working with you as the customer the arrival of your finished film should not bring any great surprises. The process is interactive from start to finish and even on the day(s) of filming you will be able to get a good idea of what the end result will look like. You may also be able to see early/ draft versions of your film and we should be able to make changes before things are finalised. However if you are unhappy with some aspect of your finished film, it is possible to make significant changes. If you want to add, remove or change a section we will talk that through with you and if we need to re-shoot a section for you we will do that. Our ultimate aim is to produce a film that you are delighted with so that you come back to us again in the future. If the changes you want are due to any failings on the part of Open Door Multimedia, we will put them right at our expense. However if the changes arise due to changes in the brief or circumstances within e.g. your production process, there may be additional charges. We will keep those charges to a minimum and only go ahead with additional work once you as the customer have confirmed that you want that to happen.

Can I use material that I already have in my film?

Provided that you as the customer own/ have the legal right to use material Open Door Multimedia will be happy to include that material in your film. This will depend to a degree on the quality of that material. We will show you how well the material can be reproduced and you can decide whether to include it or not. We may need you to sign a release form/ disclaimer to confirm that you do have the legal right to use the existing material.

Could I add another section to my film in the future?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. We would talk to you about your request and help you to decide on the best way forward. If the best solution is to slot a new section in to an existing film or presentation package we could do that. Alternatively it might be better to do another short film. Ultimately you will be able to decide.

Apologies for the length of the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions ……. but you did ask!


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